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I had problems with my back ever since I injured myself at work long time ago and required professional help from time to time ever since. About a half a year ago had a particularly bad case and I booked my first session with Saffron-Jade. During that session she showed professionalism and deep knowledge on the topic. She carefully identified problematic areas and was able to bring me relief as well as provide detailed feedback on what was wrong and even given me some ideas of exercises that could do to help avoid such problems in the future. After just few session I felt like a new man. Since I try to live an active life and regularly attend gym I now have regular check up sessions with Saffron-Jade to make sure everything is in order and fix problem early. I highly recommend her.


Saffron is a competent friendly osteopath. She explained the various procedures and took the time to put me at ease, as well as answering my questions. I was amazed at how manipulating my back could so quickly ease the pain. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an osteopath.


During my treatment period with Saffron, I have benefited from her mass amount of knowledge and experience. She has offered me a very professional level of care and assistance during my recovery process on multiple occasions. Saffron takes great pride in her work and strives to maintain a professional standard throughout, which I think is a very important asset within her field. I have thoroughly enjoyed her treatment and would recommend her to others looking for treatment of any sort.


Saffron, you have magic hands. Every time I see you, you work wonders. I highly recommend you to other people with back pain.


I often leave it a few times before I leave a review for someone and have been meaning to post this for a while now. I went to see Saffron broken. I was not in a great place physically and this was affecting my mental health also. After just a few sessions, I could see and feel a massive difference. I am one for asking questions and Saffron is excellent because she explains things to me so I understand better. I have now booked sessions on a more regular basis purely because I know that what Saffron is doing is helping me. I feel more confident and less broken. I am realistic and know that I need to keep this up because things do not fix overnight. So, a big thank you Saffron for helping me and supporting me.


Saffron-Jade is a highly professional osteopath and her treatment really works. She helped me a lot with my hips and neck pain. I really recommend this treatment. I felt better since the first session.


I walked in with a frozen shoulder for past 2 months, saw a physio, saw my GP even had a cortisone jab, nothing!
Thought as last resort try an osteopath, came along had some magic stretching, some manipulation and just like that my movement was much better and the pain much less, I actually couldn't believe it, I thought surely not, just like that??? Had to laugh I was so shocked at the improvement, back next week for more, really impressed!
The only choice if you want fixing! 


I’ve always seemed to have aches and pains in various places on my body, either due to sports injuries or postural issues. But since seeing Saffron-Jade at SJM Osteopathy she has really helped me. Last week I’d had a tension headache and neck pain for quite a few days and she helped me within a day. (Yes, I wished I’d gone to see her sooner!) She has also helped with back pain and a recent glute and hamstring injury. Saffron-Jade really does seem to have magic healing hands! She also explains what she is doing as she goes along, and is gentle. She also gives exercises to try and prevent further injury. I’ve recommended her to other people who all say the same.
Thank you, Saffron-Jade.


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